New York City Calls All Brides to Feature on Brand New Television Show!!!

I have recently been forwarded this and immediately wanted to share with all my lovely readers and all bride-to-be’s out there! This is a unique and fantastic opportunity for a non-camera shy future bride to feature on a new Talk Show about natural beauty to be taped in New York City!

Christmas Lights New York

Below is info about what you have to do in order to register:

“We are looking for fun and energetic Brides to come on new talk show all about natural beauty. Can’t decide on a hair style for your big day? Do you have anxiety about how to do your make up? You want your big day to be perfect, and we are hear to help! If interested please send an e-mail with the following information:

1. Your name and a little bit about yourself

2. Your beauty dilemma (hair, make up, skin, nails etc)

3. The type of wedding your having (beach, black tie, destination, casual)

4. The date of your wedding

You have to be able to travel to NYC studio for the taping and you must be an energetic person! ”

Deadline for email submissions: 7:00 PM EST – 20 December

Email address:

So, if you are in New York City shopping for Christmas or making arrangements for your Big Wedding Day, why not arrange for a bit of a celebrity moment?

Please share.


L’Wren May Design a Jolie Wedding Dress

The news that Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie has been talking to an American fashion designer to organise what she is going to wear on her wedding day to hunky husband to be Brad Pitt has hit the headlines. The rumours are that L’Wren Scott may be the lucky person who has been chosen by the star to create a unique wedding dress for her. According to a British magazine, the designer has had several rendezvous with the celebrity over recent times.

Angelina Jolie

Photo by Keystone Press

It is with baited breath that fans of both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have waited for a date for them to get married let alone who will create the dress the star will wear on the big day. To date, the couple have kept all information about their wedding very much to themselves. However, this snippet of information about Angelina’s wedding dress is something her fans have been waiting for.

L'Wren Scott

It was a British magazine – Grazia that revealed how Angelina had met with L’Wren on a few occasions and how the star had wanted to contact a designer who did not ‘usually’ design wedding dresses – L’Wren being the perfect choice.

It goes without saying that any and every designer in the world has tried to get the star to choose them. After all who wouldn’t want to design Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress?

But the celebrity wanted someone she felt she could really trust and L’Wren is one person she does have maximum confidence in. He is after all, well known for being able to design and create superb clothes for taller, thinner women just like the star herself. Angelina, it would appear, feels L’Wren understands and appreciates her body shape. As such would design the perfect wedding gown for her to wear on her big day when she marries the gorgeously hunky Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Of Course, L’Wren has designed dresses for Angelina Jolie in the past. It was one of L’Wren’s creations that the star wore to the premier of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” in which Brad Pitt starred. She then wore another of the designers dresses at the 2011 premier of Moneyball in Tokyo yet another of Pitts films.

Brad Pitt - Moneyball

Photo: Noah Berger, Special To The Chronicle / SF

The model turned dress designer has made a serious name for herself in the fashion world with many celebrities and other superstars, turning to her for inspiration and creations that are uniquely L’Wren. If the rumour is true, then Angelina Jolie is going to look more stunning than usual when she marries the man of her dreams – whenever and wherever that may be.

How To Choose The Right Bridesmaids Shoes For Your Big Day



Organising a wedding is an exciting time with a lot of things to do and take care of before, during and after the event. Once your dress is chosen, the floral arrangements organised, the venue booked, the wedding car reserved and all the little details that will make the day as perfect as it can be, taken care of – then it is time to relax and enjoy yourself with your bridesmaids.



One of the nicest things you can do is pamper yourself and this means from head to toe. A nice idea is to treat your bridesmaids to the same pampering as you plan to have done to yourself. Once you have treated all your friends to a day at a salon and when the pedicures have left you all with immaculate looking feet – then it is time to start looking for the perfect bridesmaid shoes for the special occasion.

It’s never easy to find shoes that all your bridesmaids are going to like and agree on. The same applies to bridesmaids dresses so you need to get all the girls together and sit them down in front of a computer screen for a couple of hours. Make  it a special girly occasion, order in some of your favourite take away food and a bottle of wine with a box of chocolates or two.

Wine & Chocolate

source: Ayza Wine Chocolate Bar

Naturally, the choice of bridesmaids shoes will depend on what time of the year your wedding will take place. You have to consider the wonderful and sometimes unpredictable weather, the theme of the wedding and of course, you have to think about comfort. Remember, your bridesmaids will have to wear their wedding shoes all day and all of the evening too. The girls will be dancing the night away at your wedding reception, so they have be wearing comfortable shoes or end up with very sore feet!

You need to get all your bridesmaids to agree on the height of the heels they will feel comfortable wearing too so opt for something comfy and with a moderate heel, like the lovely purple ones below:

Bridesmaids Shoes

Once all the girls have agreed on the style of bridesmaids shoes they would like to wear at your wedding, it’s always a good idea to buy the shoes well before the wedding day. Like this the girls get to wear them and break them in so they are more comfortable to wear on the big day. There is nothing worse than wearing a new pair of shoes and then finding out they are not as comfortable as you would like them to be and there is nothing more uncomfortable than sore feet!


Written by: Natasha Brown – an independent fashion blogger and bubbly fashionista.

Honeymoon Heaven in Bali

Planning a honeymoon means sitting down and having to make a few decisions on just where you and your partner will spend a romantic time together. Then of course, there is all the planning. There are some superb places to go to for a heavenly honeymoon and one of these paradises has to be Bali.

For Britains, the most popular honeymoon month of the year happens to be July. However, this also happens to be one of the worst months to attempt to go on holiday, let alone on honeymoon if you want to go outside of Europe that is.

Caribbean Rain

Places that are off limits at this time of the year are dream destinations like The Maldives, India, Mexico, the Caribbean and Thailand, because it is the rainy season in these parts of the world. If you think about going to anywhere close to the Tropic of Cancer, then you would be heading for destinations that are in the middle of their winter seasons.

Indonesian Islands

The Indonesian islands, this amazing archipelago with all of it’s vibrant cultures and interesting history is the perfect choice for a dream honeymoon in paradise locations. One of which just happens to be Bali or it’s neighbour Lombok. Not only are these locations superb honeymoon destinations that offer peace and tranquillity, but there is loads to see and do too, apart from lounge around in paradise that is.

Hanging Gardens hotel

One place to think about going to is the Hanging Gardens hotel. The hotel is located up in the mountains, just on the outskirts of a town called Ubud and is a gorgeous location that’s surrounded by paddy fields and ancient temples in a wonderful rainforest setting. The area is full of arts and crafts galleries that sell amazing stone carvings and other lovely traditional things to take home as a souvenir of the time spent on holiday in a gorgeous part of the world.

Ubud Hanging Gardens Bali pool

Famous people descend on this holiday destination because it is considered to be a paradise on earth and where you find the best maseuses on the planet. The people of Bali are well known for their massages and a day or two spent at one of the many spas, has to be on the top of your list of things to do.

Beautiful Island of Bali

The natural beauty of these honeymoon locations with gorgeous bays, coves and beaches as well as superb rainforest locations, makes Bali one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. It is a romantic paradise where you feel incredibly welcome by everyone around you, whether at the hotel or the places you visit during what has to be one of the best honeymoon heavens in the world.

Surfing in Island of Bali

Vintage Wedding Gowns A Gorgeous Option

Wedding Dress


Choosing a wedding dress has to be one of the most important things a girl has to do. It is exciting, but it can also be one time when you need all the help you can get from your closest friends and family. You have to get it right because you want to look and feel like a princess on the big day.

There is so much to think about. The location, the reception, the bridesmaids dresses, the ring, the flowers and so much more. But the most important thing to think about is the theme you would like for your special day.  Once you’ve made up your mind, then the one thing a girl wants to do is look and feel absolutely fabulous on the day.

Every bride on the planet wants to achieve is a very unique look and there are hundreds if not thousands of wedding gown websites to browse through on the Internet. You need to take your time when you look at all the gorgeous images you find online to find the dress of your dreams.

One lovely option is a vintage themed wedding gown, something that will definitely give the unique look you are looking for. Vintage wedding dresses make a very unique statement of style and chic and the one thing you can be certain of is that your dress will be exclusive.

Vintage Wedding Dresses


Vintage wedding dresses more often than not are made out of exquisite, natural fabrics and materials with ultra extravagant embellishments that are out of this world gorgeous. If you wanted to get a modern wedding dress designed and made so exquisitely, it would probably cost you a fortune. The quality is above anything you might expect when you first look and feel a vintage gown because a lot of them were ‘created’ by artisans who hand sewed pearls and other embellishments onto the wedding dress.

Vintage Wedding Dresses


Wearing a vintage wedding gown on your special day, really shows your personality and although the idea may not appeal to every bride, you may like to show off your individuality by wearing one. Then of course, there is the tradition every bride knows about which is to have ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ on her wedding day. Wearing a gorgeous vintage wedding gown certainly takes care of the ‘something old’ is a very stylish way and just think about all those fabulous wedding photos!

Wedding gown


Beautiful Crystal Wedding Bouquets Perfect For the Occasion

Organising a wedding is a very exciting time once you relax into the process and let everyone play their part in getting ready for the big day. Picking out the all important wedding gown, wedding shoes, bridesmaids’ dresses and flowers takes time and occasionally it can be hard to please everyone involved in the special occasion.

One of the nicest trends is to opt for gorgeous hand crafted crystal bouquets. Not only do they look exquisite but unlike fresh flowers, you get to keep them as souvenirs of a wonderful day when two people who love each other tie the knot surrounded by family and friends. It doesn’t matter what time of the year you married because these crystal bouquets are tailor made to order, and suit the theme of the wedding as well as the time of year.

Gorgeous Crystal Wedding Bouquet

Image via

Wedding Bouquet

Image via

Amazing Wedding Bouquet

Image via Diaryofanetsylover

Crystal bouquets are a great alternative to traditional fresh flowers at a wedding. They are superbly well hand crafted using Swarovski crystals and other gorgeous materials which makes each and every bouquet turn out to be as unique as the bride herself for the occasion.

Brides-to-be get to work closely with the designers if they want to, so their bouquets turn out exactly as they would like them. But these crystals are not just used for bouquets because a designer can incorporate them into lots of other wedding accessories, including boutonnieres and cake toppers. You can even have a crystal floral design hand crafted to clip on bridesmaid shoes, giving all of them a unique and feminine fairy-tale look.

It doesn’t matter what part of the country you live in either, because by going online you will find loads of websites specialising in made to order crystal bouquets and other unique wedding accessories.

Everyone loves being at a wedding. Families and close friends adore keeping mementos of the special day. Bridesmaid are given tokens to thank them for all their help in the build up to the wedding and on the day itself. Crystal bouquets make such lovely souvenirs that each of your bridesmaids and maid of honour can cherish for years to come.

Every bride dreams of her ‘big day’ when she marries the man who adores her. For that day a bride is the most special person on the planet and every detail has to be perfect. Her gorgeous wedding dress, her delicate wedding shoes together with a crystal wedding bouquet adds an exquisite finishing touch to a wonderful look for the occasion!

Moda in Pelle Raven Crystal Shoes

Moda in Pelle Royalties Crystal Shoes

Naked or Iced – A Wonderful Choice of Wedding Cakes

A new and very attractive trend to ‘undress’ a traditional wedding cake has not only taken hold globally but it is one of the nicest innovations to hit the wedding scene. These alternatives to the traditionally iced wedding cakes look so good it could be hard to slice into them.

Using layers of sponge cake of every colour and taste with masses of fresh cream crammed in between then married to luscious fruits and other edible wonders, the layered cakes are doused and dusted in icing sugar or dribbled with creamy caramel. These natural un-iced wedding delights look delectable.

Naked Cake


Naked wedding cakes are inspirational and the trend to choose them over the more traditional and formal cake is picking up pace all over the world. From America to Australia and lots of countries and continents in between, un-iced natural wedding cakes are being ordered for couples and their wedding guests to drool over at wedding receptions.

If you are planning a wedding next spring and would like the feel of your big day to be nice, informal and rustic, these attractive and delicious looking wedding delights could be the perfect option. Some of the cakes are decorated with flowers, fruit and even cactuses – there are simply visually gorgeous!

The cakes look amazing although a few traditionalist cake makers might not agree. One of the concerns voiced is that cakes will dry out too quickly because they’ve not been traditionally iced. The other worry is that any mishaps can’t be hidden away from prying eyes under a layer of traditional fondant icing. However, if you want to be inspired and keep up with trends, these lovely un-iced cakes really do make an impression.

Of course, trends change all the time, even though a traditional wedding and all the trimmings will always stand the tests of time. Years ago, a maid of honour would never have stood up to give a speech at a wedding reception, but today this is considered the norm. The great thing about trends is you have the choice to either be incredibly up-to-date and fashionable or stay with tradition – the choice is yours.

Naked Wedding Cake


These ‘naked’ wedding cakes look too good to eat and with a choice of tropical or other fruits and other ‘off the wall’ cake decorations, a bride would be forgiven if she chose a cake like this at her wedding. After all it’s her big day as well as a time of celebration and these lovely naked wedding cakes say it all.