Bridesmaids Gown Trends for 2013

The bride and groom are not the only two people at the wedding. When you look for wedding fashion trends, you need to consider what your bridesmaids and groomsmen will be wearing. It is more important to have the right style of dresses for your wedding entourage than for the men, but neither should be overlooked.

Here are five trends for your female entourage to consider. Additionally, as you are planning your wedding, think about the body types of your bridesmaids. Not everyone looks great in the same dress. Going with one dress style can actually make your pictures look wrong – instead allow your party to choose something in the same colour, but with something that truly works for them and their body type.


bridesmaids dresses

Illusion necklines make the cut

Illusion necklines are not only for the brides. They are also for your bridal party. These necklines offer sheer fabric that can truly transform a gown. They have become more popular since the Royal Wedding. They can also help accentuate your bridal party a little more than some of the more traditional concepts out there.

illusion necklines

Lace is always a trend

Even if they are your bridesmaids, lace is a fashion trend. Lace is not just for the bride. Lace around the neckline, as a multiple layer for the dress, or for the belt can look amazing on the right person. It has been a time honoured tradition for a reason more than just because it was available in those earlier years when other options were not. If you have handmade lace there is nothing wrong with adding it in.

bridemaids lace

bridemaids laces

One shoulder styles

In recent years the trends for bridesmaids to have one shoulder covered has increased. Even the bride has chosen this trend. The shoulder strap is often an inch or two wide. It can be pleated, gathered, or simply straight material. The neckline is often flattering for most body types and it takes care of the troubling strapless dress. Strapless dresses bring in issues of bras and what you can do to hide the back of it too with a plunging back on the dress.

one shoulder bridesmaids dress

Peplums are just as popular

Bridesmaids can be flattered with peplums just as much as the bride. If you have some body types in your wedding party that would look better in a suit jacket for the flare around their waist, then consider the peplum style of dress. Your other bridesmaids could go with a different style in the same colour, with a matching neckline and width, but everyone can feel they have actually matched their body type.

peplums bridesmaids dresses

Ivory or White

It has always been considered taboo for a wedding guest to show up in white, even at the bridal party. Yet, this tradition has changed in recent years. The trend has gone towards wearing ivory as the bridal party while the bride is in white. It is a matching look without the break in tradition. It can also offer sophistication to the overall look.

ivory bridesmaids dresses

ivory bridesmaids dresses
Written by: Natasha Brown – an independent fashion blogger and bubbly fashionista.


Hair Extension Styles for Brides in 2013

Choosing the perfect hairstyle for your wedding means checking out a few ways of creating a unique and stylish look. Of course, your hairstyle has to match your dress and the theme of the wedding which can be quite difficult to achieve especially if you have shorter hair.

This is where hair extensions can really work wonders because they allow you to create whatever look you want in a really natural way. One gorgeously feminine look for a Spring 2013 wedding is the Marchesa.

Marchesa Hairstyle

Marchesa Hairdo

This elegant hairdo is the perfect choice if you plan to wear a low cut, backless, lacy wedding gown for your special day. If you hair is short it’s not a problem because hair extensions will work brilliantly to achieve the look.

Braids Are Made Easy With Hair Extensions

Braids are definitely hot wedding hairstyles – and with hair extensions you can achieve an amazingly stylish look for your wedding day. One in particular is the waterfall braid which is simply stunning!

Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid

Loose waterfall braid

Loose Waterfall Braid

waterfall braid

Waterfall Braid

Cascading Braid

Cascading Braid by Tatiana Hair Extensions

Make Your Wedding A Girlie Occasion

You can create a real girlie feel to your wedding day and this begins with how you look. Naturally your dress will be gorgeous, your wedding shoes divine. Now when it come to your hairstyle, then you can really go to town. You can finish off your look in a fabulous way using hair extensions to achieve the hottest hairstyles around. Create a braid around the forehead and volumise the hair on the sides and there’s another stunning look which would make a straight or A-line wedding gown look a million dollars!



The great thing about hair extensions is they allow you to do what you like with your hair, no matter how short it happens to be. The extensions will last a long time too – well into the honeymoon period – which means you’ll look gorgeous the whole time.

A neat part braided pony tail can look divine with the right design wedding dress. Or maybe a more natural look would suit the occasion that much better. Diane Kruger showed us a wonderful tousled look that’s perfect for fine hair.

DIane Kruger Tousled Look

Tousled Look for Fine Hair

Have A Chat With Your Stylist

If you’ve never had hair extension before, then it is worth discussing having them put in your hair with your hair stylist, and have them put in as trial first to see how you can play with them and achieve the perfect look for your wedding day.

Another option is to have clip in hair extensions but you need to use good quality ones that look natural. You can find a superb selection of superior quality clip in hair extensions made of virgin human hair at Tatiana Hair Extensions Salon in London. These are very natural looking, not too heavy at all and they can be styled to achieve some gorgeous looks!

Modern Braids

Modern Braids made by Tatiana Hair Extensions

Wedding Hairdo by Tatiana

Wedding Hairdo By Tatiana Hair Extensions

Bouffant Hairdo by Tatiana Hair Extensions

HairDo by Tatiana Hair Extensions

Finding the perfect hairstyle to complement your wedding gown is a serious business that can be a lot of fun – once you’ve found the hairdo you like, then all you have to do is get along to your stylist and have your hair extensions put in your hair ready for the hairdo you want for your big day.

Written by: Elena Belanova – a professional beauty therapist.

Best Wedding Trends Seen in 2012 – A Retrospective Look

There have been some very stylish wedding trends over the last twelve months, some of which were definitely influenced by the Royal Wedding with formal weddings a definite must and lots of black tie affairs. At the other end of the scale, there have been some great trends for more informal weddings. With un-iced cakes and a softer look more natural look, the choice for many couples all over the world.

Naked Wedding Cake

Whether it was a formal or more rustic wedding, people enjoyed new trends which included luxurious candelabras, classic crystal chandeliers or beautiful soft lighting from candles – it was very much a personal choice that many brides and grooms opted for.

When it comes to flower arrangements, there have been some gorgeous trends with peonies being at the top of many brides’ lists of most popular wedding flower. Other superb wedding blooms were wonderfully scented garden roses. Centrepieces included resplendent terrariums containing superbly arranged pebbles, succulents and flowers as well as other well chosen objects like shells.

One very stylish trend was to send out personalised wedding invitations that were simple washes of fabulous colour.

Following the Royal Wedding many couples decided to opt for a family crest designed specifically for their wedding day. These wonderful seals can be used on all the stationery for the special occasion. One company that offers a great service is called Ceci in New York.

Cocktails also featured at wedding receptions and this included some marvellous concoctions that make very cool wedding drinks to sip on. One extremely popular trend was to make up artisanal cocktails using ingredients like elderflower and the cocktails have garnishes of herbs or candied ginger. When it comes to tastes and flavours, truffles have proved to be really trendy at weddings and pop up all over the place – truffled popcorn being one of them.

Wonderful Wedding Gowns & Veils

Brides too have been wearing wonderfully stylish and secretive long veils, again this was very much influenced by the Royal Wedding with Kate Middleton’s choice of veil really catching a girls’ wedding imagination. This style of veil is just so classy!

When it came to bridal gowns, there was a wonderful choice with many brides choosing to wear designer bridal gowns whilst others preferred the vintage look. Thanks to the Internet a lot of smaller designer houses got a look in too.

Vintage Wedding Gowns

Vintage Wedding Gown


Vintage Wedding Gown


Vintage Wedding DressVintage Wedding DressVintage Retro Wedding Gown

Red White Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage Chic Wedding Dress

Wedding Bouquets

One other gorgeous trend that we’ve seen emerging in late 2012 are the brooch wedding bouquets that many brides and girls wore at their weddings. These DIY brooches really personalise a wedding in a very stylish way. The brooches also make superb keep-safes of a very special occasion.

Brooch Wedding Bouquet


Brooch Bouquet


Brooch Bouquet


Getting Married Abroad

More and more couples decided to get married abroad over the last twelve months. The trend it would seem, is getting even more popular as it could prove to be even cheaper to tie the knot in a foreign land than to get married in the UK. Combining a holiday and a wedding can be very cost effective for wedding guests too!

Another fabulous trend was to have banquet style tables at wedding receptions – this is very classy looking. You get to really personalise the look of the table with all sorts of centrepieces as well as lanterns and vases which can really make an already impressive wedding spread look even better!

Banquet Style Table

Written by: Natasha Brown – an independent fashion and occasionally wedding blogger.