Wedding Dress Trends Making a Splash

Planning a wedding does not mean you need to follow the trends, but if you want to be fashionable on your big day, the following five trends might be worth a look. Wedding fashion changes each year, but certain things remain constant. For example, eight years ago dresses with a decidedly Medieval design were popular with bell sleeves and triangular shaped bodices around the waist. Today we are seeing more modern designs like those listed here for current trends.

Peplum designs still trending

In 2012, peplum hit the wedding fashion scene and they have yet to disappear. For girls with a small waist with little definition, peplum can be the right answer. It can also help individuals who are flatter on the backside since it offers an angular ruffle from front to back. This ruffle is around the waist creating two parts to the wedding dress. There are lace peplum and standard peplum looks that might look odd on the hanger, but wonderful depending on your body type.

peplum wedding dress

peplum wedding dress peplum wedding dress peplum wedding dress

Lace for centuries of fashionable wedding dresses

Lace has been used for countless centuries as a trend, although you can certainly see how styles of these lace wedding dresses and accents have changed. Lace might have been used to hide the neckline in past centuries, but today you might find lace being used to cover the shoulders as an accent piece or going around the waist in a belt. An entire gown can be made of lace or have a second layer with the lace on top. It tends to be an ultra-feminine concept.

lace wedding dress

lace wedding dress

lace wedding dress

The significance of white is for the past

White or ivory as the symbol for purity has gone by the wayside. The fact is that most do not like the colour white so it is no longer used. Instead, bold colours are in season such as soft and feminine pink, extravagant red, or sky blue. Vera Wang has a collection of scarlet gowns that are simply amazing.

bold wedding dress

bold wedding dress

bold wedding dress

bold wedding dress

bold wedding dress

Illusion detailing adds to your sparkle

Illusion detailing uses lace and sparkles and not jewellery to add to your wedding fashion. A classic wedding dress with an illusion detailing helps accent the neckline or provide more colour such as flower patterns on the wedding dress. They are definitely distinctive in their wonderful fashions.

flower patterns wedding dress

flower patterns wedding dress

flower patterns wedding dress

flower patterns wedding dress

Unique necklines bring you away from traditional

The traditional strapless style or sweetheart neckline are no longer popular. Packham and Mischka are two designers responsible for offering a unique neckline. A plunging neckline that forms a triangle towards the bosom or a one shoulder style with slight crimping have gained in popularity for wedding dresses.

one shoulder wedding dress

one shoulder wedding dress

plunging neckline wedding dress

plunging neckline wedding dress

Before you decide on one particular style, try on these various options or seek a wedding gown store that has hundreds of different designs. Something on a hanger is not going to look the same once you try it on. There is a gown in your fashion and in your body style waiting for you and your perfect day!

Written by: – an independent fashion blogger and bubbly fashionista.


Gorgeous Wedding Dresses From Ukraine

Amazingly enough, the town of Voloka in the Ukraine operates a huge wedding dress industry with every third building having a dress shop in it. Buyers from the world over visit these shops to buy exquisitely made wedding gowns that are hand stitched with crystals.

The former Soviet Union is known more for its heavy industry so it comes as a surprise to find a whole region of the country that’s dedicated to making wedding frocks and refreshingly, the village where it all started, happens to be one of the richest in the entire country – all thanks to a niche market – wedding gowns!

People from all over the world descend on Volokia to buy these wonderful and very well made wedding dresses. As a bonus, the gowns are extremely well priced too. Clients from as far away as the United States come to the region to purchase wedding gowns for their US shops. The dresses are gogeously made, all embroidered with crystals in a traditional and classical fairy-tale style.

Have a look at a sample of Voloka wedding gowns:

Wedding Gown from Voloka

Looking for an Autumn themed wedding gown? Here are a few gorgeous options:

Autumn Theme Wedding Gown


Autumn Themed Wedding Dress

Autumn Wedding GownDon’t you just love these princess type ones:

Gorgeous Wedding Dress from Voloka

Beautiful Princess Type Wedding Gown

Princess Type Wedding Gown

Princess Lace Wedding Dress

Beautiful options available even for the fairytale themed weddings:

Lace Wedding Gown from Voloka

Fairy Wedding Gown from Voloka

And for the brides who are looking for something simple but gorgeously elegant for a summer wedding:

Simple Wedding Gown

Short Wedding Gown

And yes, you read it well, prices for these gowns start at $230.

So why are they so cheap? The trend to create wedding gowns in this Soviet town of Volokia, started back in the eighties. A housewife called Brandusha Popovych handstitched beautiful communion dresses but pretty soon her reputation for quality dresses built up and she started to make wedding dresses. Her neighbours saw how well she was doing and joined in. The cottage industry was born and went from strength to strength, sustaining the village through the troubled financial times of the nineties.

Today business is booming with sewing workshops throughout the town, where young women from neighbouring villages work during the week earning what is a very respectable living for that part of the world.

The lovely wedding gowns are distributed in a massive 35 hectare bazaar in Chernivtsi which is one of the largest markets in the Ukraine. The people who work in these sewing workshops live in plush villas and have become very wealthy in their own right. The villager even paid for a new road to be built so their dresses can get to market on time – reminiscent of a bride getting to the church on time!

All the gowns are really well made using top quality materials and are all hand stitched to perfection. Yet the price of these gowns remains very reasonable which is why many brides from Romania and Moldova come to the Ukraine to buy their wedding dresses. But buyers from much further afield come to Volokia to buy these wedding gowns too and the cottage industry is growing bigger every year so if you are looking for something unique yet reasonably priced, pay a visit to Volokia!

Written by: Natasha Brown – an independent fashion blogger and bubbly fashionista.

L’Wren May Design a Jolie Wedding Dress

The news that Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie has been talking to an American fashion designer to organise what she is going to wear on her wedding day to hunky husband to be Brad Pitt has hit the headlines. The rumours are that L’Wren Scott may be the lucky person who has been chosen by the star to create a unique wedding dress for her. According to a British magazine, the designer has had several rendezvous with the celebrity over recent times.

Angelina Jolie

Photo by Keystone Press

It is with baited breath that fans of both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have waited for a date for them to get married let alone who will create the dress the star will wear on the big day. To date, the couple have kept all information about their wedding very much to themselves. However, this snippet of information about Angelina’s wedding dress is something her fans have been waiting for.

L'Wren Scott

It was a British magazine – Grazia that revealed how Angelina had met with L’Wren on a few occasions and how the star had wanted to contact a designer who did not ‘usually’ design wedding dresses – L’Wren being the perfect choice.

It goes without saying that any and every designer in the world has tried to get the star to choose them. After all who wouldn’t want to design Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress?

But the celebrity wanted someone she felt she could really trust and L’Wren is one person she does have maximum confidence in. He is after all, well known for being able to design and create superb clothes for taller, thinner women just like the star herself. Angelina, it would appear, feels L’Wren understands and appreciates her body shape. As such would design the perfect wedding gown for her to wear on her big day when she marries the gorgeously hunky Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Of Course, L’Wren has designed dresses for Angelina Jolie in the past. It was one of L’Wren’s creations that the star wore to the premier of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” in which Brad Pitt starred. She then wore another of the designers dresses at the 2011 premier of Moneyball in Tokyo yet another of Pitts films.

Brad Pitt - Moneyball

Photo: Noah Berger, Special To The Chronicle / SF

The model turned dress designer has made a serious name for herself in the fashion world with many celebrities and other superstars, turning to her for inspiration and creations that are uniquely L’Wren. If the rumour is true, then Angelina Jolie is going to look more stunning than usual when she marries the man of her dreams – whenever and wherever that may be.

How To Choose The Right Bridesmaids Shoes For Your Big Day



Organising a wedding is an exciting time with a lot of things to do and take care of before, during and after the event. Once your dress is chosen, the floral arrangements organised, the venue booked, the wedding car reserved and all the little details that will make the day as perfect as it can be, taken care of – then it is time to relax and enjoy yourself with your bridesmaids.



One of the nicest things you can do is pamper yourself and this means from head to toe. A nice idea is to treat your bridesmaids to the same pampering as you plan to have done to yourself. Once you have treated all your friends to a day at a salon and when the pedicures have left you all with immaculate looking feet – then it is time to start looking for the perfect bridesmaid shoes for the special occasion.

It’s never easy to find shoes that all your bridesmaids are going to like and agree on. The same applies to bridesmaids dresses so you need to get all the girls together and sit them down in front of a computer screen for a couple of hours. Make  it a special girly occasion, order in some of your favourite take away food and a bottle of wine with a box of chocolates or two.

Wine & Chocolate

source: Ayza Wine Chocolate Bar

Naturally, the choice of bridesmaids shoes will depend on what time of the year your wedding will take place. You have to consider the wonderful and sometimes unpredictable weather, the theme of the wedding and of course, you have to think about comfort. Remember, your bridesmaids will have to wear their wedding shoes all day and all of the evening too. The girls will be dancing the night away at your wedding reception, so they have be wearing comfortable shoes or end up with very sore feet!

You need to get all your bridesmaids to agree on the height of the heels they will feel comfortable wearing too so opt for something comfy and with a moderate heel, like the lovely purple ones below:

Bridesmaids Shoes

Once all the girls have agreed on the style of bridesmaids shoes they would like to wear at your wedding, it’s always a good idea to buy the shoes well before the wedding day. Like this the girls get to wear them and break them in so they are more comfortable to wear on the big day. There is nothing worse than wearing a new pair of shoes and then finding out they are not as comfortable as you would like them to be and there is nothing more uncomfortable than sore feet!


Written by: Natasha Brown – an independent fashion blogger and bubbly fashionista.

Vintage Wedding Gowns A Gorgeous Option

Wedding Dress


Choosing a wedding dress has to be one of the most important things a girl has to do. It is exciting, but it can also be one time when you need all the help you can get from your closest friends and family. You have to get it right because you want to look and feel like a princess on the big day.

There is so much to think about. The location, the reception, the bridesmaids dresses, the ring, the flowers and so much more. But the most important thing to think about is the theme you would like for your special day.  Once you’ve made up your mind, then the one thing a girl wants to do is look and feel absolutely fabulous on the day.

Every bride on the planet wants to achieve is a very unique look and there are hundreds if not thousands of wedding gown websites to browse through on the Internet. You need to take your time when you look at all the gorgeous images you find online to find the dress of your dreams.

One lovely option is a vintage themed wedding gown, something that will definitely give the unique look you are looking for. Vintage wedding dresses make a very unique statement of style and chic and the one thing you can be certain of is that your dress will be exclusive.

Vintage Wedding Dresses


Vintage wedding dresses more often than not are made out of exquisite, natural fabrics and materials with ultra extravagant embellishments that are out of this world gorgeous. If you wanted to get a modern wedding dress designed and made so exquisitely, it would probably cost you a fortune. The quality is above anything you might expect when you first look and feel a vintage gown because a lot of them were ‘created’ by artisans who hand sewed pearls and other embellishments onto the wedding dress.

Vintage Wedding Dresses


Wearing a vintage wedding gown on your special day, really shows your personality and although the idea may not appeal to every bride, you may like to show off your individuality by wearing one. Then of course, there is the tradition every bride knows about which is to have ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ on her wedding day. Wearing a gorgeous vintage wedding gown certainly takes care of the ‘something old’ is a very stylish way and just think about all those fabulous wedding photos!

Wedding gown


Win a designer dress worth £20,000

Perhaps the most important part of your wedding (aside from saying ‘I do’), your wedding dress is something which requires a great deal of thought and can ultimately cost you a great deal of money. For those looking to get married on a budget, this prospect is far from pleasing – which is why a recent competition courtesy of Brides Magazine is likely to have gotten everyone’s tiara in a twist.

The magazine, which is a great resource for anyone planning their big day, offered readers the chance to win their very own designer wedding dress worth a whopping £20,000. With one of the biggest names in wedding dress designs, Phillipa Lepley, charged with making the creation, this really will be a dream come true for the lucky winner.

All entrants had to do to stand a chance of bagging the brilliant prize was submit a sketch of their dream wedding dress along with a few personal details and a brief 100 words on their wedding. The lucky winner then got the chance to make their own dream wedding dress creation with Lepley; giving them an outfit worth £20,000!

So keep an eye out for our blog posts, we will be telling you about the best wedding competitions!

Why the wedding dress is so important

No bride-to-be needs to be lectured on the importance of her wedding outfit but some people still struggle to get their heads round why a dress which you only wear once should cost so much money. Ultimately, your wedding day is your chance to show the world, and your groom, just how special you are. It’s the once chance you can dress like a princess and emerge from the church or registry office as a queen.

The style you choose will ultimately depend on personal preference but there is plenty of wedding etiquette which might influence your decision. Whether to wear white or cream/ivory is less of a controversial topic than it once was and nowadays your colour choice will be based primarily on your skin complexion.

The style of dress will be based on your frame and build with details such as the level of embellishment and decoration all controlled by your preference. Lengths of trains are another area for consideration and generally most brides opt for a modest dress which is flattering with exposing what some would consider too much flesh.

Making your own fairytale wedding outfit

Of course, your wedding outfit is made of more than just one item. While the dress is important, investing in stunning wedding shoes and other accessories is also vitally important. Here you must make sure your chosen styles match your dress and ask yourself important questions such as whether you’ll wear high heels or flat shoes and whether you want a small clutch bag for the evening’s celebrations.

Sites such as Moda in Pelle have plenty of options for those looking for accessories and wedding shoes, offering you access to the items you need at reasonable prices. This means your own fairytale ending could soon be realised and all whilst wearing the perfect wedding outfit.